It’s 2016, and, with our world immersed in all things digital, we know that anyone with a high social media following, Twitter exposure, or Instagram feed gracing the popular page can get trends spreading like wild fire. The beauty trends catching fire right now have been a result of the continuing fitness craze, the makeup beauty guru generation, and celebrity statements that get people slowly climbing on the next style band wagon.

The Boxer Braid

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Photo Cred: Instagram @kimkardashian

The Boxer Braid is a hairstyle that originated in the gym and in the ring due to the simple fact that us girls don’t want a thick head of hair sticking to our backs when we are finally breaking a good sweat. This twisted style has now replaced the sleeked back pony tale that the Kardashians are oh so famous for. We have seen the Adidas stripes, the light-tone men’s sweatpants, and even Nike sports bras dressed up with pencil skirts, but this wave of Athletic fashion-ware has jumped from style to beauty. Looks like we have’t seen the last of the fitness craze influences with this easy, sleek, and playful style (I am however ready to see the end of detox teas forever).

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Photo Cred: Instagram @khloekardashian

The Endless Glow

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Photo Cred: Instagram @gigihadid

We are all familiar with contouring; the trend that started with a simple accentuation of the cheek bones and ended in a full-body, paint-by-number fiasco that has people questioning whether girls these days are made of flesh or wax. Although the contour kits are still flying off the shelves, the look slowly eclipsing this trend has been: blindingly glowing skin. A turn away from matte foundations has the beauty community plucking up every last dewy foundation, liquid, and power highlighter alike. The look works best on a warm tan, with minimal eye makeup, lengthy lashes, and of course a glow that reflects more light in one’s eyes than your front-facing Snapchat flash in the dark.

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Photo Cred: Instagram @niykeeheaton

Wispy Mink Lashes

It seems a not so distant memory when the “spider lash” was #trending (hoping to go from distant to forgotten), and yet we have evolved into a new time where my biologically stumpy eye hairs will just not cut it. The more fluttery, wispy, lengthy, and full lashes–the better. Many beauty companies have introduced “the mink lash”, lashes fashioned out of 100% mink fur. Velour Lashes based out of Toronto, Ontario have a wide selection that range from natural, medium volume, and high-volume glamour lashes. With the demand for long-lasting lashes, many beauty fanatics have turned to eye-lash extensions. This procedure lasts six to eight weeks, and they can be maintained and reapplied when necessary. Statement lashes seem to be all the hype, whether they are adding to an already dramatic night makeup look or completing a natural, minimal day-time look.

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Photo Cred: Instagram @carlibel

Chameleon Eyes

Sure, some girls might switch up their hair colour every few months when they’re craving change, but, ever since Selena Gomez’s appearance at the 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, we have seen the onset of a new eye catching beauty trend. Selena’s classic deep brown eyes were capped with green contact lenses. Since this eye-siting, we have seen many YouTube beauty gurus playing with an array of contact colours in order to sport different makeup looks. There’s no denying Selena rocked the look, but I’m not so sure I’m ready to wear coloured contacts yet (unless I’m trying for year 3 as a murderous vampire on October 31).

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