I’m only 24-years-old, and I’m wrong a LOT. I can admit that to you now, but somehow, when it comes to my life, it’s extremely difficult for me to admit defeat. I can’t accept that I might not always have the best ideas, or know everything, or make the best decisions in life.

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I don’t know about you… but I have a LOT of pride.

I’ll give you an example:

I remember working at Shopper’s Drug Mart (started from the bottom), as a “Beauty Expert” and really liking the job. It was great! We got to experiment with makeup, got a lot of free products, were paid well with commission, and I had a lot of great friends that I worked with. I mean—it wasn’t exactly what I wanted to do with my life, but I was on the right track. One day, a girl I had known from high school walked in, and the conversation with her went something like this:


“Oh—are you only working here?”


“Oh, well, don’t worry I’m still working in “_________” (insert hometown here) too, and everyone else is working in Toronto doing something great. Hopefully we’ll get there.”

I should have said something like: “Speak for yourself bitch.” Instead I felt like I had to make up an excuse (a lie) about my “future plans”, just so I could continue to look at her in the eye—so I said:

“Well I’m going to do a marketing internship in Toronto soon.”

I didn’t need to say this! I liked my job, and I was happy there for the time being, but my pride and ego got the best of me again in this situation.

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Another example of this is when I give all of my friend’s advice, but don’t tell them the negative things that are going on in my life/relationships, because I can’t take advice or criticism myself. In other words, I dish it out but I can’t take it.

Dishonesty is definitely one of my worst qualities, and it stems from pride. I don’t want to be making bad decisions in my life, but when I am—you won’t know about them until they’re fixed.

I also can’t be wrong. Even when I admit defeat in an argument, or admit that I made a mistake at work—I’ll still try to look good doing it.

“Ya I’m wrong, but who cares anyway! This was a ridiculous argument.”

It’s exhausting! Why can’t I just be wrong and deal with it.

So, maybe you’re experiencing a similar battle with your pride and ego. From my experience, when I finally admit defeat, or I finally admit the truth of my situation and ask for help, it opens me up to support. I no longer have to live life alone, and I become humbler about where I am today.

We don’t always have to be right, and it’s okay if you’re not making the best decisions right now. In my experience, it helps if you open up to people and share your life with others, instead of letting your pride get the best of you. This takes practice—believe me—but the pay-off is amazing.

So there’s my two-sense. I’m right. You’re wrong. Move on (JK).

TLDR: I’m right