So yes I may have just spent a night in watching Creed with my mom and wondering why I can’t commit myself so tirelessly to being a bad-ass with 0% body fat, but instead of moping over minor fitness goals…I took the larger lesson to heart and figured we should all talk about it for a second.

I believe that comparison is a crippling obstacle to one’s self esteem that we face every day. With the internet at our reach, keeping tabs on other people and their accomplishments seems to be a daily routine. We are exposed to an insane amount of information about people’s lives (only what they are willing to share, but these days that seems to be more than enough).

On the other hand, people are constantly focusing on themselves. Caring about followers, distorting their face with 10 different Snapchat pictures before sending the right one, creeping themselves on Facebook, needing a photo of each and every night out, documenting, editing, posting. You may just say it is the era of the carefully constructed public image not just for politicians and A-lists but for all those people you haven’t seen since a graduation.

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So how did this start with a movie about the offspring of a champion boxer and lead into a discussion about your old high school friend drinking a detox tea on Instagram?

The larger picture is about transferring an outward focus about what other people have, edit, post, and are admittedly accomplishing and redirecting this energy into yourself. Once again, I don’t mean to say you need to find a better detox tea, and I don’t mean focusing on how you are perceived online or in person by other people.

“This guy right here, that’s the toughest opponent you’re ever going to face……”

-Rocky Balboa

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When you look in the mirror and focus on the goals you need to accomplish to make yourself better than you were yesterday, all the attention paid to other people’s goals and paths becomes background noise. The world is a competitive place but it doesn’t have to be the kind of competition we make it (one of jealousy, comparison, and subsequently… disappointment). There is an incredible sense of peace found in the realization that the only person you are striving to be better than is a former version of yourself. 

Sidenote: fuck detox teas seriously