So you did it. You decided you want to check out the electric, elaborate, and high energy desert party that is Las Vegas, Nevada. Good decision.

When I first planned my adventure into Sin City it never seemed like a bad idea. No matter what age group you fit into Las Vegas has something to offer to everyone. Whether you are looking for luxurious shopping trips, outrageous performative entertainment, gambling your pay-cheque away in 24 hr casinos, or partying poolside with the company of Calvin Harris, I can bet that you have yet to see any city like this city.

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Day 1

Our first day mostly consisted of wandering around the Las Vegas Strip and exploring the lobbies of the incredible hotels. This alone, could take the entire trip to complete so we hit up our first choices and had a few drinks along the way. There are a plethora of bars scattered across the area but one of the beverages we saw many tourists slurping on were these tall, colourful slushies. Naturally, we had to try them out.


Another notable feature on the Las Vegas Strip is the variety of men and women in costumes. You will see a few Spidermen, several playboys, and one or two “Alans” from the hangover (baby and beard included). Just a warning, they will take the pic first and the tip after. When you’re being coaxed into a selfie with one of your favourite mock-characters, be prepared to dip into your cash. I don’t know about you but I’d probably rather have another delicious slushy than one 10$ picture with Chewbacca.

Here I am, confused about how to be properly arrested by these nude ladies. As you can see, no slushy gets left behind, not even on my way to Playboy Prison.

We then ventured through Caesars Palace and into the gorgeous indoor gardens of The Bellagio. The Bellagio had one of the most stunning displays we witnessed, including: a large cage filled with real exotic birds, artistic sculptures crafted out of individual flowers, and a hollowed out tree you could venture through.

Of course Vegas is known for its glitz and glamour when the sun goes down and the neon light show begins. For our trip, which consisted of young girls in their twenties frequenting Vegas for the first time, we decided on several rooftop pool parties. Night 1 we found ourselves at Drai’s Beachclub and Nightclub to see Trey Songz. Just a warning, the performers tend to hit the stage around 1-2 am so don’t show up at 9 pm hoping for a front row seat.

Day 2

The second day was completely dedicated to a hot, sun-filled getaway to the luxurious Wynn pool. I felt like I was twisting and turning through an Alice and Wonderland garden party due to the perfectly sculpted plants, winding paths, and dream-like quality of the crystal water. Here you can see me attaining stage 1 of my burn, despite applying several coats of SPF 60.


If you are planning your trip and are a fan of DJ events check out this page, which will direct you to a Las Vegas EDM Event Calendar. You can see anyone from Calvin Harris to Rae Sremmurd. We hit up Encore Beach Club night 2 to party poolside with Diplo.


Day 3:

The third day was when our grocery-store bought coolers, 2-hr night sleeps, and dehydration began to sink in. The struggle to wake up for the day-time pool party was a notable one. After laying in our air-conditioned hotel room we finally slipped on some bathing suits and wedges and made it to David Guetta.

If you do have a chance to see David Guetta I would highly recommend you do so. The playlist was fire, the crowd was electric, and when you are too sweaty to continue jumping up and down on the dance floor, you can dive into a chilled pool just a few feet away (but don’t fall in).

Although I would like to boast about our will to power through and make it to another live party in the evening, I faintly recall waking up from a long and necessary nap after the day-party came to a close and taking the night easy.
Vegas tip: take a moment to recharge when you can.

Day 4: Final Day (insert crying emoji)

Shopping, shopping, shopping. We weren’t sure if we had entered a mall, or an interactive museum when we stopped into The Forum Shops At Caesars Palace. A casual stop at the Cheesecake Factory turned into an Atlantis show. What we previously thought to be stationary figurines, began moving and speaking over the top of an expansive aquarium filled with exotic fish. Soon fire and water was shooting up in an elaborate show. I would suggest sitting inside the restaurant if you prefer to shovel back some cheesecake in peaceful silence, but you should probably catch the show at least once (not hard to do since it comes on hourly).

The shops themselves are filled with high-end, luxury stores and brands, so for us young post-grad students the mall really did turn out to be more of a museum: “look but don’t touch.” We ended up dropping a few American bills at Sephora and then heading to Guy Fieri’s Vegas Kitchen and Bar for some much needed comfort food and comfort caesars.
It was a day dedicated to all things Caesar!


The last stop before the dreaded red-eye fight was a trip to see the Fountain’s of Bellagio. Every 1/2 hour the Bellagio Hotel displays a show of water coordinating to a song of choice. At night, these shows are lit up and breathtaking. The show we caught was a set to Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On, and I have to say, it was almost as moving as the Titanic film itself (maybe not, because I managed to keep my own water works from display). This was probably the most peaceful activity I had yet to experience during the Las Vegas night scene.

I would have to conclude that the worst part of our trip was leaving. Filing onto our evening flight with several disheveled Bachelor and Bachelorette parties and a pounding in our heads that could only be matched with the bass at a Diplo event, was not as fun as, you know… the actual Diplo event.

Passing by some obnoxious airport slot machines and dropping the last of my money on a neck pillow was the sad final Vegas purchase. Although our time in sin city had come to an end, I knew that I would be back in beautiful Toronto and ready for the next adventure.