Girls. Sisters. Daughters. Coworkers. Writers. Dancers. Artists. Scholars. Chocoholics. Foodies. Comedians. Gurus. Exaggerators. Not Twins.

Despite not being twins there are a number of commonalities us sisters share:

  1. DNA;
  2. Went to the same elementary school, high school, and university;
  3. Both English majors;
  4. Danced together for over a decade
  5. Worked together as ‘Beauty Experts’ at Shoppers Drug Mart (started at the bottom) and…
  6. Have the same mannerisms (a conversation with us can be unsettling).

Due to similar interests and writing styles, we thought we’d go ahead and make a blog together packed with posts about: beauty, lifestyle, fashion, advice, and our personal experiences. We advise you to take our advice column with a grain of salt because, hey, we are still out here learning from our own mistakes (and we encourage you to do the same)..


  Teri Booth  &  Anne Booth