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The Healthy Lifestyle Diaries: Part II

You have heard me rant about my ongoing affair with fast food. You know that I am certainly not a nutritionist, but rather, a lover of all things salty and/or covered in chocolate (preferably and). We have talked about the problem, now its time to hammer out the solution.

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My Hot Yoga Experience: Meditation Madness

Now I get the whole hot yoga business—you calm down, you meditate, you center yourself, la, la, la. And, I have done yoga for an extended period of time… three years ago. But, I got sucked into a hot yoga class I couldn’t say no to again, and, I thought I’d try it. I found myself repeating those phrases you repeat to yourself when on a scale of one to ten of how badly you don’t want to go to something, it’s a 10. So I was catching myself saying things like: “it’s an experience” or “tomorrow will be better.” But, the important part of this story is that I went.

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