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Exploring Thailand: Koh Tao Travel Guide

On our journey in Thailand, we were debating between going to the Phi Phi Islands or Koh Tao, because with the limited time we had, we really had to decide between the two. If you have more time to explore, I’d obviously recommended checking them both out. So we decided to head to Koh Tao, a diver’s paradise island. And, thank god we made this decision!

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Exploring Thailand: Chiang Mai Travel Guide

Featured Image: Temple Design by Destiny Carter (

If Chiang Mai is a destination on your journey into Thailand… you made the right call. Chiang Mai was one of my favourite parts of Thailand, and even though it is the northern part of the country (not the beaches you’re used to seeing in all the pictures) it is just as beautiful!

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Packing for Thailand: Do’s and Don’ts for a 20-Something Girl

So, you’ve booked your trip and you’re off for a few weeks to Thailand! Good for you—you go girl. When I packed for my trip to Thailand, I looked up “How to Pack for Thailand” on Google and received hits to many different blogs, describing the do’s and don’ts to be aware of. Now, everyone has their own travel experience, and these are a few of the tips and suggestions I have to add from my own experience.

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Getting to Bangkok: Why I Booked a Trip to Thailand

I’m sure you’re sick of these articles by now. Usually, they’re full of fluffy phrases like:


“Do it now!”

“Travel when you have no money.”

“Travel to find yourself.”

“Travel to live longer.”

But, this isn’t an article convincing you why you should travel, and it’s certainly not going to convince you to travel when you have no money—it’s just my experience.

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