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Why Your Biggest Opponent in Life is You.

So yes I may have just spent a night in watching Creed with my mom and wondering why I can’t commit myself so tirelessly to being a bad-ass with 0% body fat, but instead of moping over minor fitness goals…I took the larger lesson to heart and figured we should all talk about it for a second.

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Why It’s so Important to Admit When We’re Wrong

I’m only 24-years-old, and I’m wrong a LOT. I can admit that to you now, but somehow, when it comes to my life, it’s extremely difficult for me to admit defeat. I can’t accept that I might not always have the best ideas, or know everything, or make the best decisions in life.

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Getting to Bangkok: Why I Booked a Trip to Thailand

I’m sure you’re sick of these articles by now. Usually, they’re full of fluffy phrases like:


“Do it now!”

“Travel when you have no money.”

“Travel to find yourself.”

“Travel to live longer.”

But, this isn’t an article convincing you why you should travel, and it’s certainly not going to convince you to travel when you have no money—it’s just my experience.

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Looks We Have On Style Watch

How to Get Through Valentine’s Day This Year

Every year, the dreaded conversation hearts and cinnamon hearts begin appearing in the Bulk Barns around the city. I mean—I just want to enjoy candy without the hidden meaning behind it goddammit.

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Beauty #Trending Now

It’s 2016, and, with our world immersed in all things digital, we know that anyone with a high social media following, Twitter exposure, or Instagram feed gracing the popular page can get trends spreading like wild fire. The beauty trends catching fire right now have been a result of the continuing fitness craze, the makeup beauty guru generation, and celebrity statements that get people slowly climbing on the next style band wagon.

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Leading the Life that You Want to Lead

Now—ignore the cheesy title and take this as some of the experience I’ve learned over the years, as opposed to actual advice.

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My Hot Yoga Experience: Meditation Madness

Now I get the whole hot yoga business—you calm down, you meditate, you center yourself, la, la, la. And, I have done yoga for an extended period of time… three years ago. But, I got sucked into a hot yoga class I couldn’t say no to again, and, I thought I’d try it. I found myself repeating those phrases you repeat to yourself when on a scale of one to ten of how badly you don’t want to go to something, it’s a 10. So I was catching myself saying things like: “it’s an experience” or “tomorrow will be better.” But, the important part of this story is that I went.

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